Be Prepared: Online Resources to Help you Plan for Emergencies

Are you prepared for an emergency? Many of us know what to do if our car breaks down or the power goes out, but what would you do in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, or hurricane? There are many tips and tools online to help you prepare for emergencies, whether you’re an experienced “prepper” or a total newbie. 

Here, we’ve collected a few resources from around the web. Not sure what to put in your emergency kit? These online resources might be a good place to start. 

Get Prepared

What would you do in the case of a power outage, earthquake, or flood? The Canadian government has you covered at Get Prepared, a hub for online disaster preparedness tools. Learn how to make an Emergency Plan, what to put in your emergency kit, and how your region may be affected by certain natural disasters.

Community Preparedness Toolkit (and More)

Ready is a national public service campaign in the United States. The Ready website offers various online resources to help you deal with winter weather, severe thunderstorms, the pandemic, and more. For communities and neighborhoods, Ready also has an online Community Preparedness Toolkit that shows you the steps to take to create an action plan for your community.

Disaster Preparedness from Coursera

This online course from Coursera focuses on such topics as disaster readiness and survival planning. Offered by the University of Pittsburgh in conjunction with Coursera, Disaster Preparedness will help you learn how to protect your family and belongings and find food, water, and shelter if a disaster hits your area. 

The Canadian Red Cross

The first three days following a disaster are important. The Canadian Red Cross brings together tips on preparing an emergency kit, safely operating a home generator, and other online resources on their webpage Be Prepared: Emergency Preparedness and Recovery.

We hope these online resources help you plan for emergencies or give you peace of mind about your ability to cope with whatever comes your way. Of course, we hope that a disaster never arises, but the time to prepare for an emergency is now.